Grower Logistics | Software solutions for growers saves you time and money!
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Grower Logistics

Full Supply Chain Software Solutions for Growers, Brokers, Truckers, and Receivers.


Manage all your loads online from purchase order to shipment to payment.


Streamline your customers and receiver contracts while easily managing your grower shipments and grower contracts.


Real-time management on future, current, and past loads. Automated updates on what was delivered, whats moving today, and the schedule for tomorrow.


Integrate with your growers, brokers, and truckers. Track your production schedules, PO's, inventory levels, and received weights and quality. Know when your loads depart and when they will arrive.

Key Features

This is your system, to run your business. We customize it to fit your specific business needs, the way you do business, in order to meet your customer’s specific needs.


    • Manage Farms, Shipping Locations, Warehouses, and Customers
    • Define and track multiple crop years for different farms, and customers
    • Manage employees and control what your users can access (Admin, Accounting, Staff, Trucking Coordinator, Reports, etc.)

    • Manage your customers plants and contracts
    • Manage payment incentives, quality, and defects
    • Customer customized bill of lading, weigh ticket, and invoices
    • Track accounts receivables and apply cash with advanced tools
    • Receive quality information automatically from your customer’s system.
Shipments and Transportation

    • Track your orders
    • Track your shipments
    • Manage the transportation process
    • Manage your trucks and truckers Track arrival and departure times Load trucks from multiple fields, bins, and etc.
    • Compare departure weights and customer arrival weights
    • GPS integrated
Full Client System Integrations

    • Data moved automatically between Receivers, Growers, and Truckers
    • Edi Enabled
    • Integrated with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Enterprise, Sage, and NetSuite
    • Export Reports to Excel
Inventory and Quality

    • Manage your bin and contract balances
    • Track product quality and defects by grower, field, warehouse, bin, customer, variety, and plant
    • Upload real-time pictures for quality issues.
    • GlobalG.A.P. tracking from seed to harvest to shipment to plant.
Software Development

    • Superior customer support
    • Full software development teams
    • We specialize in understanding your needs first and building solutions that exceed expecations
    • Cloud based and fully secured

    • Export GL transactions to intuit QuickBooks, Farmer’s Office, and other accounting packages
    • Manage customized local, state, and federal tax calculations, collections, payment, and reporting
    • Customized client invoices
Alerts and Mobile Access

    • Daily automated email distribution lists (Orders, Shipping Notices, Trucking coordination, Plant Quality)
    • Access your data from a computer, tablet or smartphone
    • Receive automated text message alerts based on Events


Distinguishing features you’ll want now and in the future.  GroLo is designed to facilitate your front end to back end operations.  GroLo can be tailored to meet unique operational needs. Now you can keep that competitive advantage.

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